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is this a poem? i don’t know. i don’t care. A) she’s a poet and greying ghost put out a poetry chapbook of hers B) it’s awesome and in terms of its approach to the idea of the lyric i’d say it’s probably better than a deal of things i’ve read in verse. when i say better i want to qualify that: it is inventive and invigorating. inventive may not be the right word. but say this aloud. a lot.

mark leidner is a poet. this much we know. here is his contribution to this month’s edition of everyday genius
new issue of octopus up!
much longer than the old issue of octopus!

new issue of born up:
oh hey can you watch awesome poem-movies in that recent review you picked up? no? too bad. good thing you can do that for free on the internet.

several poems from the new elimae

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