• the truth hurts.

    Brilliant critique of a magazine you haven’t bothered to read in ten years and are too lazy to research. Excellent criticism of any movement towards real change, in favor of “the usual sort of upper middle class political stuff” and poems! (for the same price!)

  • Anonymous

    hey truth hurts
    thanks for reading and commenting on thethe. in the future, though, we encourage you to be a bit kinder in your comments. it’s perfectly acceptable for you to tell evan you think he’s being unfair to adbusters or to offer a critique of his ideas. we encourage that, in fact. who knows? a fruitful discussion might follow from which you both come away enlightened. but we ask that you do so in a way that raises the level of discussion. we will try to do the same.

  • Yourdadsbud23

    Hey I haven’t read these magazines in ten years either, I haven’t done any research… and I thought it was a brilliant critique. So next time be nicer, friend.

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