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Pierced flesh
grows back
like graffiti painted over
the morning after
wounds we carry
from the dark
show scars
we cannot hide
in the mirror
my piercings
are invisible
to the naked eye
but mark me
as a troubled heart
to your memory
slowly mending

Rob Mustard‘s first ebook of poems, Blue Moon, was published in December. As he writes on his poetry site,, “My poems are about love, death, the power of memory to save us. I am most interested in the unexpected ways words speak to each other, the hidden meaning they reveal about us and the world.” Rob lives in Los Angeles.

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Michael Foldes is the Poem of the Week editor for January 2011. He is founder and managing editor of Ragazine.CC, the online magazine of art, information & entertainment. He has a degree in anthropology from The Ohio State University, worked as an editor, columnist and publisher of magazines, newspapers and chapbooks, and currently works in the electronics industry. He commutes between metro New York and a home upstate.

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