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Sure as a first balled fist,
____________________it wells
you awake
_______as from a quake–

_____the want
_______________to give a swaddled
__________star to the night’s arc.

You step out
_____and the landscape lengthens.

Each parcel of dark
_______________a mouth to be fed,

each umbra hunkered
__________to its suckling.

The fog rocks the gray,
_____loving it with its life.

You walk, emboldened as a nova.

You unfurl.
____________Half-ready to catch the moon’s fall.

______________________Your hand halfway

to the soft part of that skull.

Stacy Gnall
 is the author of Heart First into the Forest (Alice James Books, 2011). She earned her undergraduate degree at Sarah Lawrence College and her MFA at the University of Alabama, and she is currently pursuing her PhD in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California. Her work has previously appeared in The Cincinnati ReviewThe Florida ReviewThe Gettysburg ReviewIndiana ReviewThe Laurel ReviewThe Spoon River Poetry Review, and Prairie Schooner. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio she now lives in Los Angeles.

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Fox Henry Frazier was graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Binghamton University and received her MFA from Columbia University. She is currently a Provost's Fellow at the University of Southern California. She is Poetry Editor at Gold Line Press, and her work has recently appeared in Spillway, Mantis, and The Paterson Literary Review. She loves travel, gin fizzes, and her dog Dalí Nimbus.

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