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The Object of Excellence

The Object of Excellence

by Tamryn Bennett on November 17, 2012

The Magic Cat

by Andre, Year 6
Stanmore Public School

The feline stands as proud as a lion.
It is as blue as the eyes of a dark panther.
Its journey comes across the valley of the kings.
Its whiskers white as a dwarf star.
Even if its head is like the desert,
Its body becomes the waves.
Its gemstone is hard and heavy,
Though can be lifted with the greatest of ease.
Its silence is the call of the wind,
And its presence is the breeze.

The talisman is the only thing we have,
Even though we have a lot.
It didn’t cost much,
but its value to us is far more.
It is an Egyptian symbol,
The last she could find.
My mother travelled the world,
Before she met my father.
She got a monk to carry it across the Egyptian desert.
And now she has given it to me.

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