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Devi Lockwood photo

Rest Stop

We are all the year’s worries
tossed into the dark dustbin of the sea.

Swirling plastic returned, reared on its haunches.

Let’s live slow and die when we do.

Below the mess, kids are walking home from school.

Gash the screen door to let the bugs in––
let them pinch my skin.

I’ll coo investment tips in your ears.

Anchor me to the all of our lives
nestled in the hollow of this lake.

Unbuckle my seatbelt. Unfasten my tongue.

Devi K. Lockwood is a poet / touring cyclist / storyteller currently traveling the world by bicycle and by boat to collect 1001 stories from people she meets about water and/or climate change. You can keep up to date with her travels at

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Kait Burrier writes poetry, drama, and nonfiction in New York City. She is the founder and director of Union Square Slam, a weekly reading series and poetry slam in Manhattan. Kait received her M.F.A. from Wilkes University and was an inaugural resident at the Lemons Brook Farm Artist Residency. Visit for updates on publications and performances.

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