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We are very happy to announce that thEbooks has become a part of Agape Editions, the literary imprint of Sundress Publications that is dedicated to publishing spiritual, mystical, ecstatic, and other visionary types of writing. As we make this shift, thEbooks will be rebranded as the Morning House series. This series will consist of one to three titles per year, all of which will be published exclusively as e-books by Agape Editions.

thEbooks began with the purpose of publishing and promoting the work of THEThe Poetry Blog’s community of writers, and this mission will remain the focus of the Morning House series; the vast majority of Morning House titles will be from authors and artists whose work has contributed to THEThe Poetry Blog’s greater community and conversation. We hope to include collaborative works between those who work with text & those who work with visual (or sonic) media. Manuscripts will be selected from THEThe contributors via both solicited and unsolicited submissions—so if you’re a THEThe contributor whose edgy, exciting chapbook manuscript is looking for a home, please get in touch with us! We want to read it!

In addition to drawing from the submitted work of THEThe contributors, Agape Editions will also host an annual contest for chapbook manuscripts, which will be open to all interested parties; the winner will receive publication through the Morning House series.

Morning House titles will be available for download as free e-chaps (though donations are very welcome, if you enjoy a piece of work and want to give back!) via the Agape Editions website and THEThe Poetry Blog’s website.

We look forward to building a greater literary community and sense of camaraderie through the interchange among writers associated with THEThe Poetry Blog and Sundress Publications, respectively, that this shared project will foster. Please visit Agape Edition’s website to learn more, and access some fantastic e-books soon!