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tony sunroom

There'll Be Heartache

I loved them without hope--the way it should be.

"Bend to It" swings to and fro as if buffeted by a hurricane.

Terror is either the most defining nor the most compelling quality with which death is portrayed in this poetry that interrogates what it means to die, and how we use those final moments before death – both our own and those of others.


Trimboli’s well-wrought lines are best self-described as "an orchestra of small insanities held together with catgut.”

Leatherbar in Louisville

I can't stand when people "collect" their loves and hoard them. Dragons do that.

Keats and Yeats believe that the flaw of human nature is that time is in effect.

To My Brother

This is my favorite Emily Dickinson poem, even though it is not her best. It is the poem for which I have the most affection: “I dreaded that first Robin.”

That’s when I feel most satisfied as a teacher: when I see a spark of something in a student that I admire.

The poem’s argues that order can be found and already exists among the chaos of nature, but that it takes the individual’s artistic craft to create meaning to make the order’s presence known and evident.

Special Education

As I recall people thought muffins were good for you at the beginning of the 90s, and bad for you by the end of the 90s.

Our twitter and tumblr followers shared their favorite first lines of poetry.