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In The Book of the Dead, Muriel Rukeyser writes, “What three things can never be done?
 Forget. Keep silent. Stand alone.” In Calendars of Fire, Lee Sharkey refuses to be that historian or activist, tamed in middle age, no longer pained by injustice.

The reader you wish to write for is an act of faith.

How to Write a Poem

You should be tired at the end, but instead you feel exhilarated. This party has punch—strong punch, like the stuff of these poems. It packs a wallop. You thank the host for what you can only describe as an experience not unlike a multi-valent, multi-vocal, multi-dimensional game of Words with Friends.

Because I knew how Abraham had traveled under a night sky so vast, so glutted with stars and had heard God's promise, I wept when I first read Mark Twain's description of Huck and Jim looking up at the night sky and wondering about the origin of the stars, and I was awed by Cervantes when he had Quixote and Sancha under the same sky.

Light Pollution, Potlatch


Emily Pettit’s lush lines unfold and unfold and unfold.

Characters:Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, W.H. Auden, James Merril, Robert Lowell

No Use Crying

Certain mechanisms exist in the human brain that when brushed by a combination of memory and bodily functions, demand interpretation.


Gestures, grand and diminutive, poetic and otherwise, made with integrity.

The Delta

Psalm for Kingston