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The title, diatomhero, is an anagram of the bible’s “I am the door”, a statement that comes full circle in the book’s final image, and applies just as much to Christ as it does to Janus. To open the doors of all myths and religions, to ‘let’ their darkness, (un)like bloodletting.

The Eggshell Parade brings you Connor Syrewicz reading (an edited-to-meet-FCC-regulations version of) his short story "Tomorrow 'Dun Gone", which appears in Issue 9 Spring 2012 of Superstition Review.

Farewell Adios to the Americano

The Eggshell Parade brings you a reading and interview from poet Emily Vogel.

wig confessional/ the bedroom

The Eggshell Parade brings you an interview with writer Minrose Gwin.

Meanwhile, a Sanford Wife Burns Bacon

The Eggshell Parade brings you a reading and interview from writer Catherine Lacey. Catherine reads her short fiction piece "(Grew)," which appears in issue 12.3 of DIAGRAM.

Ko’ dóó łeeschch’iih [Fire and Ashes

The Eggshell Parade brings you a The Noisy Reading Series reading and interview from poet Katharine Coles. Katharine reads her poem "Tempo for a Winged Instrument," which appears in the July/August 2012 issue of Poetry.

I pass the cemetery in Elizabeth where all the revolutionary war heroes have a mixer with the homeless. I am vast. A book is under my coat. The stars are out.


Tables proves a raw, every-which-way roaming collection, an enterprise in full creative recall and exposure.

Whitman has more listings than an anal retentive suburbanite.

____________________________________________ Alina Gregorian's poems have been published in Sink Review, Boston Review, GlitterPony, and other journals. She curates a video poetry reading series at the Huffington Post, co-curates Triptych Readings, and co-edits the collaboration journal Bridge. She teaches creative writing at Rutgers University, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is here.

Ode to the Beloved’s Hips