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I am roughly five months along, as I am writing this.

The Astronomer

The People of Distress


Ponytail fusses with her acrylic / nails, paints them in Onyx Licorice.

Rouse Hill

"It"s Fair"

Waterfield is a direct descendant of postmodernist Denise Levertov.

No system can endure perfection.

My poems want to rescue you but are often only able to watch.

Charlotte Street

Practicing Vigilance

Conformists are the gate keepers of both the establishment and anti-establishment orders.

It was late in the smoke-painted bar, a quarter past the blue hour.

58, black-most lot, collapsible ceiling and underground lung ward

The Disappearing is a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android that (literally) explores poetry and place. Beginning with a collection of over 100 poems about Sydney, the app creates a poetic map charting traces, fragmentary histories, impressions and memories.