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Animal Collection, a new book of stories by Colin Winnette, is a subtle blend of experimentation and dramaturgy.

Cranbrook, Mid-June

Lost Colony

I have questions. My poems come here to persuade me the childish belief that I might answer them.

If you force the sea through a sieve

The Age

Papercuts is Australia's only national poetry education program. Papercuts promotes the living practice of poetry through a series of workshops with contemporary Australian poets.

There may be clarity in collecting and rearranging details, in outlining anger, in fantasizing about screaming and kicking through walls.

Sometimes I no longer desire to teach the way I have been teaching--not because I am ungrateful, but because I wish to do a fair day's work.

It is possible to understand how comics can be created and read in multiple directions, to enter the poetic experience instead of imposing narrative on it, to examine the liminal spaces and new associations between non-sequential components rather than skimming panels for linear associations.

The Pieces

Nail Polish Designer

Certainly this slim volume has something to teach us about magic and control, how indistinguishable the two often are from each other.

I can talk to kids all day. They interest me. They will never pretend to like you. For that I am forever grateful.

If the tightrope I walk in making these poems is that of sentimentality, I’m okay with that challenge--mostly because I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.