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Lupe's Diamonds

We can enter a poem in an almost limitless number of ways--through its imagery, its social underpinnings, its meaning, its rhythms, its sentence structure, its line breaks.

In the end, “The heart lies to itself because it must.”

The Northern Road

My Solidarity

After writing a poem (never during or before the poem), ask yourself these questions.

The imagery in her poems often stretches like a coastline or the orientation lines on a map.

Confused Like Horses

The Hills

His pages speak to you; and they will be remembered.

Cole does not get enough credit for his piano playing, but then again, how do you give genius enough credit?


Unlocked is an educational program developed and run by The Red Room Company in collaboration with NSW Correctional Centres. The program aims to unlock the potential of inmates through the transformative possibilities of poetry.

Click here to listen to the interview! from KING OF THE FOREST from City of Moths   My friend thinks that poetry has nothing to do with words. Poetry she says, is a mountain. An actual mountain. A thing that fools climb simply “because it’s there.” Poetry is there, but why do we constantly feel the need to prove it exists? To point to it? Like a mountain appearing in the distance. “Be an uncarved block of wood” is what the Sarah Lawrence kids, who hadn’t slept in 40-some hours, still high off ecstasy and acid, sitting Indian-style on the rock, otherwise-silent, would shout at me during tennis matches. They were right. What lies in the uncarved block of wood. Whorls and grains, stories and held smoke. Surrounded by. My [...]