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It was late in the smoke-painted bar, a quarter past the blue hour.

58, black-most lot, collapsible ceiling and underground lung ward

The Disappearing is a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android that (literally) explores poetry and place. Beginning with a collection of over 100 poems about Sydney, the app creates a poetic map charting traces, fragmentary histories, impressions and memories.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The creative power of a poet must include the possibility of arbitrary power or it serves only competence and adherence to an aesthetic.

I wanted to create a space where I could be honest without feeling required to adhere to some arbitrary notion of what was True.

The Scrimmage

Doc, there was a hand

We could learn much about Hoagland by seeing what he does not include, and what he does not pay attention to.

“The Waste Land” is most usually and most persuasively read as a satire.

The Theory Of Everything

Houston Poem 26

I’ve always been crazy about animals, so I do remember liking the story of Mary and the lamb that followed her to school, when I was little.

Every warrior culture carries Arete and Xenia at its core. To lose contact with either and to seek no balance is the way of self destruction.

Dorkbot Sydney is a regular social gathering for “people doing strange things with electricity”.

When you fell asleep with your fingerprint on the sensor