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"I think we want to innovate."

In place of a hermeneutics of reading, as Susan Sontag’s ghost might say, we need an erotics of reading.

from Cadae: The Pi Poems

Error is the only reality we know, and the one thing we are least likely to forgive or admit.

The seven sections of Colin Winnette’s slim new novel Revelation correspond to the seven angels of the Book of Revelation.

Assumption, The

THEthe Poetry and The Red Room Company are teaming up to share poems across the oceans.

"The Waste Land" has always begged its readers to multitask, to make leaps, to be both attentive and creative readers.

[Then there is this dream with its other bright edges]

This is a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, of course (as all existentialism is), but it’s a defiant, expansive strain that’s nobody’s fool or prisoner.

The genius of Blake is his playing out the location of private and public human activity to show their psychological truth and depth.

Poems on the page are not read; they are watched.

The 8th of May: A Vow Made for the 7th of May

A review of Fast Animal by Tim Seibles

I was sitting on the throne a few minutes ago, reading Hannah Arendt.