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Language is often a hopeless (thank God) matter of almosts that fail to be 100 percent accurate

I’d like you, for a moment, to think of writing not as a calling or gift or pipe dream, not even a profession or hobby. Instead, I’d like you to think of writing as a habit.

[Sad Indianapolis]

I’ve been thinking about what Robert Kelly wrote in the early 60s about each image in a poem having “its field of force, its shadow moving darkly through the poem.”

If you want to escape all rhetoric, you are out of luck.

The echoes of her pain are still reverberating, like a mechanical baby doll, crying forever: a baby, our baby, who can never be soothed.


Salmonville, Part 2

We must teach our students to reinvent the wheel over and over again, to go back to origins and test them.

More, the poem’s resolution enables professors to flee its fragments without worry.

[An Invitation (Horace's Ode i.20)]

Stating the obvious is not easy.

If Hedda Hopper had been reincarnated into a bag lady forced to stuff her own newspaper columns into her clothes for warmth, the wyrd outer hummings of her cycle toward rebirth might well have been echoed in Kate Durbin’s E! Entertainment.

[American Typewriter]