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I am a "mutt," a cut up, a clown. Clowns are trained to run the emotional registers from funny to sad, from sublime to raunchy. Clowns believe that these mixed registers provide the ontological truth of existing.

Scholars of Anglo-Saxon history and language contend that the prefix “chap-” is derived from the ancient word “ceap,” while others maintain it is merely a corruption of “cheap;” however, most attribute the word's popularity to the chapman—European peddler, reporter, and rogue-of-all-trades from the 16th to at least the 18th century.

[from Get Your Slip On]

This is a strange story. It is liable to get me laughed at.

[Word to Oneself]

In order to write, Beckett first had to wipe the slate clean and wipe out conventional notions about the nature of human reality.

A true folk artist wouldn't worry about the purity of what he was doing.

I think it’s the excitement of language that can bring forth the illustrative in such an electrifying way.

[I write for ghosts]

Formerly Excerpt from Pastoral Emergency.

The worst part / is how my thumb / could erase her

I read Williams the same way I read vampire comics: for pleasure and for the purposes of theft. This is the folk art way, and it survives commodity art even when it is packaged and sold.

In his inimitable fashion, Joe Weil treats the pains of life as joy and the joys of life as pain.

All the tasty bits of vintage Murakami are here: dull but steadfast male leads, hypersexual and hypersexy teenagers, strange conspiracies loaded with uncanny coincidences, and, of course, forays into parallel universes.

[Ballata del Maine]