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[Tinsel Tinsel]

b bearhart, Alexander Long, and Jonterri Gadson name their favorite books and poems from the 2011.

Mother was never prepared for Christmas. We would drive around in the old car on Christmas eve looking for a tree.

[Who to Tell]

What I love about Paul K. Tunis’s work is how brilliantly he melds traditional comic-book style with the experimental.

Before Modernism, most poetry told, with showing as merely a form of decoration. Either that, or poetry sought a synthesis between showing and telling where the showing told and the telling showed.

[River 2]

I have an older brain damaged brother, Peter. In 1953, a small pox vaccination failed to localize and shot up to his brain.

The poem points to something I am growing increasingly aware of: surrealism is fundamentally mimetic.


My theory of narrative is that it is arc, gesture, syntactical force the most common of which is what we call a story, but not exclusive to story.

Meta-lord of the cloud-lords of meta of!


What draws these poems together is simulation of death-states in relation to the afflatus of night and song—of rising or sinking to the occasion.

The “gate keepers” of religion and of poetry are one and the same.

[Three Poems]