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All acts of observation are partial and reveal as much about the observer as the observed.

Alfred Corn’s play gives us an inner portrait of Robert Lowell that is not found in either the biography or the poetry itself.


Formality, in this case, allows Sleigh to achieve a reflexivity and self-awareness without the cloying injections that deliberately remind the reader of the existence of the poet.

Ben Pease interviews Paige Taggart on the Scattered Rhymes podcast.

[In His Tree]

The two loves of Kalamaras’s life: Surrealism and Hindu mysticism (with a touch of rhetorical theory!).

The climax of the novel is so mawkish that its downright dismissal of the fraught implications of his “achievement” are extremely troubling.

[No Real Than You Are]

I always think that a poem "off the page" becomes an "act" of language rather than a poem, a thing made out of words.

When charm works, the connection established between individuals is palpable.


LOST generates the final thrust of its narrative through even more privileged positions.

Michael Montlack’s new poem collection Cool Limbo, for starters, looks really cool before it’s even opened.

[Candor Here, Lustre There]