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[Psalm for Third Base]

Picasso wrote this well before Mary Ruefle started publishing books, but if his words could be an egg, Ruefle’s Selected Poems would hatch right out of it.

[What do animals dream?]

If Plato came back today and saw the workshop, craft obsessed nature of poetics, he'd give his approval, but not for reasons poets might like: Plato would approve because the stupidity of inspiration has been removed from the writing of poems.

[In a Familiar City]

Ashbery’s translation is the best we have in English so far.

[Blue Note]

The poetry lesson is that poetry is a practice.

[Known Quantity]

These types of genres are a narratologist's dream, because one can spend an inordinate amount of time (even in a 190 page book like this one) teasing out the tiniest components of this unfamiliar world.

Many young poets can not accept that telling a story, or relating some sort of narrative arc is conducive to the highest aims of poetry.


All acts of observation are partial and reveal as much about the observer as the observed.

Alfred Corn’s play gives us an inner portrait of Robert Lowell that is not found in either the biography or the poetry itself.