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A question I've been toying with: can one photograph in such a way as to make that invisible visible? In such a way as to make the photography part of the photograph? To show the texture of the thing, and not erase it?

Abominable Ladies and Gentleman, thank me for coming!

Thin Kimono is a book of mistaken identities: a hallucinogenic wandering through a cocktail party the night before the invention of the internet. The party is populated with individuals you may or may not know. Your wife is a slightly altered version of herself.

Ben Pease interviews Colin Cheney on the Scattered Rhymes Podcasts.

The first poem I ever loved was The Raven. Specifically, one line from the poem haunted me when I was young, and still does: “The silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain.”


If all art does is make us stroke our chins and say in somber tones, "very interesting," then art isn't worth it to me.

We must always be as careful with nostalgia as we are with most forms of vulgarity: it is too close to the whore's heart, and can be used by politicians to promote a "purity," an Edenic return that supports the most vile sense of the volk.

Paradoxically, the Beats depicted themselves and the society they were rejecting in surreal imagery. America, in their estimation is a surrealist circus, full of absurdities.

[Recital: March 21st]

Ben Pease interviews Solmaz Sharif on the Scattered Rhymes Podcast.

[Once I Walked Out]

The poem "Just Hearsay" by Anne Carson, illustrated by Bianca Stone.

At a party last Thursday night after a full day at this year’s AWP conference, I broke one of my own absolute rules – never, under any circumstances resort to quoting The Big Lebowski.

News of the World certainly offers some typical-feeling moves to those familiar with Levine’s oeuvres, it also contains formal variations and preoccupations that will amuse and surprise both his admirers and those who don’t yet know his work.

Ben Pease interviews Deborah Landau on the Scattered Rhymes Podcast.