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Paradoxically, the Beats depicted themselves and the society they were rejecting in surreal imagery. America, in their estimation is a surrealist circus, full of absurdities.

[Recital: March 21st]

Ben Pease interviews Solmaz Sharif on the Scattered Rhymes Podcast.

[Once I Walked Out]

The poem "Just Hearsay" by Anne Carson, illustrated by Bianca Stone.

At a party last Thursday night after a full day at this year’s AWP conference, I broke one of my own absolute rules – never, under any circumstances resort to quoting The Big Lebowski.

News of the World certainly offers some typical-feeling moves to those familiar with Levine’s oeuvres, it also contains formal variations and preoccupations that will amuse and surprise both his admirers and those who don’t yet know his work.

Ben Pease interviews Deborah Landau on the Scattered Rhymes Podcast.

Ashbery causes me to pause and reflect with awed humility that I could never do what he did in this poem.


James Schuyler is back from the dead with the lovely “Other Flowers” a posthumous book of his unpublished, uncollected poems.

She scares me the way Cordelia scares me--by dint of her absolute integrity.

If you are a poet writing in English, you carry Horace in your own voice.

Ben Pease interviews Ben Mirov on the Scattered Rhymes Podcast.

Mary Karr and Christopher Robinson discuss Weldon Kees's poem "1926."

What Inspires Us To Write Poetry?