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As I recall people thought muffins were good for you at the beginning of the 90s, and bad for you by the end of the 90s.

Our twitter and tumblr followers shared their favorite first lines of poetry.

"To Hold the Body in my Hand" & "Unnamed"

In terms of revelation, this most well-reasoned church father, this prince of rhetoricians, this ghost that haunts the whole of Derrida is left weeping violently under a fig tree and allowing the chanting voice of some gender undetermined child to determine the course for the rest of his life.

Those early poems struck me for how they treated absurd corners of cultural ephemera with the utmost seriousness, and in a vernacular language that seamlessly ascended to momentary heights of poetic beauty.

I thought since I had to witness a whole bunch of snotty poets dissect the working class poets (or lack thereof) on a thread today, I'd have some fun and brand them as they brand folks like me.

Five poems from Winter

What I like best about black cherries is how ugly they are, how fully without life or merit they seem until flowering in June.

What are some reasons why we read poetry? Why turn to a poem over a novel, a play, a philosophical treatise?

in the orchard

The poetry improves, but the presentation of it just keeps getting worse.

Usual Resistance

These are serious books. I sometimes wonder if the young poets still know how to make “serious” art, but then I read The Backlit Hour by young Jose Antonio Rodriquez and I know they are more than capable.

La Luz Azul & St. Anthony in the Desert

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, your true love returns the partridge in a pear tree, / buys cashmere, hires the Cajun she’s philandering to murder you.

Becoming Angels & Wedding