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Poetry Scenes: Seattle

by Paul Nelson Poetry and Poetics
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Seattle likes to pride itself on being one of America’s Most Literate Cities.

C.D. Wright’s Masterpiece

by Michael Klein Poetry and Poetics
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History as a subject reads best when it is both documented and re-imagined

Deborah Landau

by Ben Pease Poetry and Poetics
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Open the post to see the full text of each poem and a multitude of links about stuff that came up in the interview!

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Ben Lerner’s “Mean Free Path”

by Evan Hansen Reviews & Interviews
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What if I made you hear this as music
But not how you mean that. The slow beam
Opened me up. Walls walked through me
Like resonant waves. I thought that maybe
If you aren’t too busy, we could spend our lives
Parting in stations, promising to write
War and Peace, this time with feeling
As bullets leave their luminous traces across
Wait, I wasn’t finished, I was going to say
Breakwaters echo long lines of cloud

Golden Splinter

by Evan Hansen Art
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Above is painter Sean McElroy’s “So Just Be It.” I have known Sean a long time, and I admire both his art and intellect. I was reminded of his work yesterday as I settled down with Ben Lerner’s new book of poems, Mean Free Path (Copper Canyon Press, 2010)—a book I’ve been excited to read since, well, Lerner’s last book of poems.