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Waite’s Butch Geography

by Caitlin Mackenzie Reviews & Interviews
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Let the poems of Butch Geography be a guide. Waite, with generous hospitality and rare humility, will lead you into intimate and unfamiliar landscapes, and once there will help you see yourself in the strange.

The Valley: Zoe Dzunko

by Tamryn Bennett Red Room
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Poetry Monk

by Joe Weil Arts & Society
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Sometimes I no longer desire to teach the way I have been teaching–not because I am ungrateful, but because I wish to do a fair day’s work.

Poetry and Pregnancy

by Emily Vogel Poetry and Poetics
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I am roughly five months along, as I am writing this.

On My Pedagogical Approach (or something of the sort)

by Joe Weil Academia
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Digress, digress, follow the nose of your longing.

An Open Letter to James Franco

by Eric Kocher Academia
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Being in workshop with you isn’t going to make me famous, nor am I going to end up on Judd Apatow’s speed dial, no matter how good the on-screen chemistry between me and Seth Rogan might be…