Eric Kocher

Eric Kocher’s Equals Tiger

January 26, 2012
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The worst part / is how my thumb / could erase her

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An Open Letter to James Franco

May 9, 2011
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Being in workshop with you isn’t going to make me famous, nor am I going to end up on Judd Apatow’s speed dial, no matter how good the on-screen chemistry between me and Seth Rogan might be…

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The Cartographer Electric is Dead

September 30, 2010
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This was a true community magazine, and it fed on the energy of the readings and was inspired into existence the other poets we knew and were excited to read. It was a great experience, and I think that everyone should start a small community rag like this. It doesn’t have to be big or ambitious…just something that you share between you, your friends, and their friends. I don’t spend lots of time reading the latest issue of Ploughshares, but I was always interested in reading local indie rags like the one we were putting out.

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