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Forgotten Poet of the Day: Denise Levertov

November 20, 2013
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I came to admire Levertov only after I was approaching forty and she had recently died. I was old enough then to appreciate her seriousness of purpose. I came to admire her the way I had Muriel Rukeyser.

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On Poetry and Loss

April 27, 2011
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The handling of such overwhelming material is first and last, a question of form. Grief, loss, outrage, must be made portable.

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Some Notes on Translations of Horace

February 7, 2011
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If you are a poet writing in English, you carry Horace in your own voice.

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It’s [nearly] a summer day

April 15, 2010
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So we are taking off our masks, are we, and keeping
our mouths shut? as if we’d been pierced by a glance!

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Frank O’Hara’s “To The Poem”

March 23, 2010
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March 20, 2010

“When we define the Photograph as a motionless image, this does not mean only that the figures it represents do not move; it means that they do not emerge, do not leave: they are anesthetized and fastened down, like butterflies.”

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more correspondence

February 11, 2010
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I want to begin praising If There is Something to Desire by Vera Pavlova, translated by Steven Seymour (her husband, her muse! how romantic, how intrinsic!) released last month from Knopf, her first collection published in English. These one hundred poems go so far so terrifically fast (almost all under ten lines) that Pavlova seems […]

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