May Swenson

Poetry Essay #3: Checking Out Old Loves

by Joe Weil Arts & Society
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Guns to the right of me! Jargon to the left of me! All volley and hold the thunder (after all, thunder may be perceived as a semiotic indicator of male patriarchy). I look at my daughter and say: “I’m so sorry, but I wanted you to exist.

Poem of the Week: Carolyn Kizer

by Joe Weil Poems of the Week
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[The Great Blue Heron]

“Minor” Poets and Imagery

by Joe Weil Poetry and Poetics
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Literary theorists use literature as an excuse for ontological truths (or gender, or sexual, or identity issues). This is a legitimate way to ransack texts, but it will not teach you how to write. Ontology begins with detail selection—in terms of word choice, verbal relationships, rhythm. A theorist wouldn’t know what to do with this poem, unless the theorist started to write a book on kinetics in terms of verbal constructs and the cultural bias of admiring athletes as per one’s gender, or class. Minor may only mean a theorist can’t find much to theorize about.