The Practice of Poetry

by Gene Tanta Academia
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The poetry lesson is that poetry is a practice.

On Mimesis

by Emily Vogel Poetry and Poetics
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Aristotle meant that poetry was mimetic of all of things, independent of another poet’s unique perspective. It is not necessary that poets imitate other poets, but that they imitate life.

The Problem of Style

by Adam Fitzgerald Aesthetics
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Do you remember that Eliot was billed as giving a talk on ‘Scylla and Charybdis’ and he’d realized that they’d simply misunderstood. That is, when he was asked what he was going to talk about, he’d said that these things were always a matter of Scylla and Charybdis and so forth, and this became the title of the talk so that we got a talk on this subject because they’d slightly misunderstood what he was saying. But it’s true to him.