Why Poetry is Sometimes Not Enough

by Emily Vogel Writing
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This evening at Catholic mass, while everyone bowed their heads to pray, I asked Jesus not only to help me be good to my husband and my family, but also what he thought about my poetry. I heard a voice, perhaps in my head, or perhaps funneled out the church ceiling which said, “your poetry will touch a few hearts, but it won’t help you in heaven.”

Writing Without an Idea

by Joe Weil Poetry and Poetics
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I don’t usually have an idea in mind when I begin to write.

To Beginner Poets

by Emily Vogel Poetry and Poetics
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A poet CAN be taught to twist his pain into clever metaphor and image, but at the same time, must have healthy relationship to his sanity.

Gatekeepers of Literary Greatness

by Joe Weil Academia
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The more things same, the more they same the change.
Things change by staying the same.
Things stay the same by changing.

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