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thEbooks is a community imprint of THEthe Poetry Blog. Its purpose is to promote the work of THEthe‘s community of writers. A “bookstore” is in the works. In the meantime, please find a list of related titles below.

Alfred Corn’s Transatlantic Bridge

Poet, fiction writer, and critic Alfred Corn applies his special language skills to a comparison of the two dominant versions of the English language. The United States and Britain have been described as “divided by a common language,” but this guide will help speakers from both countries make their way in the other.  Pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation are all discussed, and there is a brief presentation of British and American slang. The result is an accessible and succinct overview appropriate for tourists, for teachers of English as a foreign language, for book and magazine editors, for actors, and for courses on British and American literature.

Old titles from The Press Electrrrric!

Many years ago, Micah Towery, Adam Pellegrini, and Joel Davis ran a magazine called The Cartographer Electric! They also published three online chapbooks by three authors they loved: Joe Weil, Eric Kocher, and Gene Tanta. These titles are now available on thEbooks.